We offer an extensive range of Grooming treatments and you can trust us to give your pet the best of care. Every dog, purebred or mixed breed, is given character by bringing out their best qualities. When owners want a specific look for their pets we do our utmost to achieve it.

Catering for all breeds, we are dedicated to bathing, drying, clipping, hand stripping, trimming or styling your pet to the highest standard. During their stay with us, your dog will only be placed in one of our comfortable holding cages if they prefer to be in there or, of course, for safety reasons; otherwise they are free to play with the toys in the salon. To avoid risk of cross contamination, only pets from the same family will be allowed to mix.

They will return to you happy, clean, and excited about their new look!

For our more discerning feline clients, exclusivity is guaranteed! Dog free appointment times are available; purrrrfect for providing the calm and quiet environment preferred by cats.

Exact pricing will depend on the size, breed and condition of coat. Please contact us for a personalised quote.

Click for a larger image The Full Works

The perfect grooming experience! Includes all of the 'Wash & Blow Dry' service shown below, with the addition of scissoring and/or clipping to achieve a desired style or finish. Please feel free to ask for advice about breed standard styles or anything else you may have in mind.

This is our most popular treatment!

Click for a larger image Bath & Blow Dry

A basic health check is followed by thorough shampooing, full body massage and ear and eye cleansing. The coat is completely dried using a combination of ‘state of the art‘ infra red cabinet dryer and/or other dryers (depending on coat type and pet's disposition) and brushed to remove dead hair; and to finish . . . . . a splash of cologne!

We only use professional shampoos and conditioners and have a full range to suit all skin and coat types.

This is a great value treatment, which will leave your pet smelling fresh, looking clean and feeling great!

Click for a larger image Hand Stripping

This treatment is suitable from puppyhood. All ‘blown’ (dead) coat is removed to enhance your dog's structure, revealing brighter colours and markings whilst retaining the correct coat texture and maintaining natural weatherproofing.

N.B. this treatment is dependant on breed and previously applied grooming techniques.

Click for a larger image Spa Facial

For those ‘in between grooms’ tidy ups, consisting of: Eye and ear cleanse, ear plucking (for those breeds who need it) and full facial trim.

Click for a larger image Poochy Pedicure

To keep those paws perfect! Nails cut, feet trimmed (including hair between pads) and the ultimate in pampering - a wax treatment to help prevent dry and cracked pads.

Click for a larger image Nail Care

It is very important to keep an eye on your pet's nails. Unattended nails may start growing in a circle and eventually curve back into the paw pad, making walking painful and difficult for your pet. Dew claws left unchecked may cause puncture wounds which are painful and prone to infection. If nails are allowed to grow too long, the tendons, bones and entire structure of the foot may be compromised.

Most dogs benefit from regular nail trims every four to six weeks; this may vary depending on your pets lifestyle. Walking your dog on hard surfaces will help wear down nails naturally.